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Fayette County is conducting a Broadband Data Collection and Feasibility Study to learn where investments are needed in the county to ensure all residents have access to high-speed, affordable internet. The outcome of this five-minute survey will help officials lay out a comprehensive, detailed plan for the future of the internet in Fayette.

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About the Survey

Many homes in Fayette County don’t have reliable access to high-speed broadband internet. This survey and speed test will help us identify where investments need to be made to close those gaps.

This survey will remain open until January 15, 2023.

Why Your Participation is Important

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, home internet was viewed as a luxury, but we learned quickly that high-speed broadband is an essential utility, like water or electricity. In our modern communities, high-speed internet is the means by which we attend school, work from home, apply for jobs, receive healthcare and so much more.

Fayette County leaders recognize that the need for better broadband internet is here. Through the American Rescue Plan (ARP), the County has access to funds that can help address gaps in internet service for residents and businesses.

The first step to building a more connected Fayette County is identifying areas that have unserved or underserved broadband access. To that end, the County has partnered with Michael Baker International to develop survey and marketing materials. Your participation in this survey ensures all residents have Fast. → Fiber. → Fayette.

Now, more than ever, broadband internet access is a crucial service to those who live, work and learn in Fayette County.

Complete the Broadband Data Collection and Feasibility Study for a chance to win one of more than 200 Fayette County logoed items! Prizes will be available to pick up at the Fayette Chamber of Commerce, 65 West Main Street in Downtown Uniontown.

No items will be shipped or delivered.

Chairman Dave Lohr's headshot

Dave Lohr


“Reliable high-speed internet is a necessity for Fayette to continue to be competitive in the modern, tech-based economy,” said Dave Lohr, Fayette County Commissioner. “Our residents’ participation is key to unlocking access to unprecedented funding opportunities that have recently become available.”

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Vincent A. Vicites

First Vice-Chair

“This survey will help develop our strategy for increasing high-speed internet access to underserved and unserved residents in the county,” said Vincent Vicites, Fayette County Commissioner. “We’re encouraging every resident to take the survey and ensure their household’s needs are met.”

Second Vice-Chair Scott Dunn's headshot

Scott Dunn

Second Vice-Chair

“The pandemic illuminated the need for all Fayette families to have access to broadband internet,” said Scott Dunn, Fayette County Commissioner. “Upgrading our internet will ensure Fayette County can continue to be competitive in education, industry, and the digital economy.”

Find out how better internet access can help residents of Fayette County:

Understanding Internet Speed

Whether it’s streaming video, social media, or shopping online, so much of our lives require a dependable internet connection. During the survey, your Internet speed will be tested, and you’ll see your speed results in real time.

How is speed measured?

Megabits per second (Mbps). The Federal Communications Commission defines broadband as 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds. Pennsylvania recently set a state minimum of 100 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds.

What is an upload speed?

The rate that data or information is transferred from a user’s computer or device to the internet.

What is a download speed?

The rate that data or information can be received by a user’s computer or device from the internet.

What Can I Do with My Internet?


We know you have questions. If you don’t find an answer in our FAQs, please send us a message using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this webpage.

Broadband, or high-speed internet, allows users to access the internet at significantly higher speeds than those with dial-up services.

Yes, the information you provide will be secure. All information provided will only be used for broadband planning purposes and never sold.

All residents are encouraged to take this survey. Even if your home or business has internet, widespread participation is critical to the County’s broadband planning and improvement efforts.

While the survey will work on your cellphone, for best results in our study, we encourage you to complete it from your home or business connection.

After you click “submit” on the online survey, a confirmation page will appear. No confirmation will be sent for mailed surveys.

There is a chance you might have participated in a different survey, but only this survey will position Fayette County to receive funding.

Please try refreshing the browser. If you still experience difficulties, try visiting the survey link from a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.

Once funding is secure, we’ll be able to identify Early Action Project areas as well as develop a schedule for the remaining areas of the County. Join our email list to receive the latest County broadband news, and be the first to know when high-speed internet is coming to your area!

Questions or concerns can be sent to feedback@connectfayettepa.com or call 724-495-4360.
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